The Home in your Heart

Family. Immediate family. Extended family. Church family. Work family. Friend family. All these families have one thing in common. They are genuine in your heart!

There are countless abandoned children around the world. Spouses who have walked away after twenty years. Brothers and sisters who won’t speak to one another. You’re only as committed to a person as you decide you are.

Genetic code links the DNA structure of one person to another. We call it family, but there are more links than just genetic. Maybe it’s the vows you gave at the altar. Or the BFF who promised you’d always be friends and never let a guy/girl come between you. Maybe it’s a sorority of sisters or fraternity of brothers at a university. Perhaps it’s the common goal of co-workers to get the project done on time? Or the faith you share with the person in the pew next to you?

Family is the home you build inside your heart and fill with all the people who are special to you. Family is the people you serve, help, protect, encourage, give to, accept help from, cry with, pray with, laugh with, and who return all of that back to you. Every family has its own dynamic, its own way of working, its own foundation, and structure.

We take care of our families in many ways: cleaning up after them, caring for them when they are sick, helping them complete projects, encouraging them on a bad day, feeding them, clothing them, giving to them, simply loving them however we can. We are the cheer behind their success and the tear behind their failure. We provide the breath of forgiveness when they do wrong.

Family is commitment despite how they act or what they do. Caring for your family is how you show your love. DNA doesn’t measure commitment; you measure it. How much commitment do you measure out?

Thoughts On Family

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