Be Still

Shhh…can you hear the roar of the whisper?

There is a calling you must be attuned too, a purpose that only you can fulfill, a plan that needs your coveted part!

The new year always brings new resolutions; losing weight, gaining muscle, quitting a bad habit, starting a good habit, organizing, becoming debt free, determination, growth, relationship goals! We start by making a promise of following through. We plan and proceed and for 75% of us, fail, then turn around 364 days later and promise to try it again!

I resolve to be still; so that I may find rest, rest in who I am, rest in my jobs, rest in my relationships, rest in my home, rest in my mind and body and spirit. There is less than .001% of women out there, though I have no statistics or study to back it up, that are 100% satisfied in who they are, what they are doing, their looks, their beliefs, their education, or how their life is being spent. We all struggle with one area or another! None of us are living the perfect life, in the perfect body, with the perfect job, and perfect family and friends! We don’t have a perfect house, perfect car, perfect wardrobe, perfect complexion, perfect spouse, perfect kids, perfect personality! And, if for some reason the stars align and its all picture perfect, in less than five minutes there is a dirty something-or-other clogging the view again. (A dirty cup, a load of laundry, a pimple, a deadline, a shaky relationship, a rocky marriage, a sassy kid, a bug-spattered window, a sour attitude, a forgotten task, sickness or disease.) I’m not trying to be disheartening, I’m merely bringing a realistic viewpoint back from a dreamy imaginistic one. When reality hits, it hits hard, and rarely do we fully recover from its swing.

As I have grown from a girl, into a young lady, and now into a grown woman, my faith and my viewpoint have grown with me. Gone are the days of trying to beautify or change what is not changeable, or hope for a million dollars for work on a body that was already fearfully and wonderfully made. I have moved on from weight loss or weight gain for vain and selfish reasons. I do not make goals for myself anymore, for my personal reward or benediction. I have stepped from a place of needing care, into a place of giving it. I am a wife and a mother. I do not desire to be skinny, but I desire to be healthy. I do not desire to be beautiful in feature but desire to be found lovely in grace. I do not desire to be as equipped and as deadly as a superhero but desire to be a strong and immovable force of love as a mother, spouse, and friend. 

While you make your new year resolutions, I implore you to consider a resolution of greater need and value. That you would be still in knowing who you are and who your creator is and that you would find rest in that and begin new growth in peace. The desires of your heart are already known to the one who can fulfill them. The strength you seek cannot be found in your own self-resolve; if it was then, every resolution we have ever made would have been accomplished a hundred times over. This coming year, I want you to be still and know who you are in Christ Jesus, find resolve in how fearfully and wonderfully made you already are, let this guide your discovery of your profound strengths and weakness and let this journey bleed over into your fellow sisters as they too discover all God created them to be in stillness before a mighty and capable God!

This year let your resolution be to be still before God. Lisa Bevere says it best, “God is willing to speak to all who are quite enough to hear. It is just a matter of pausing long enough to hear the Holy Spirit with clarity and then capture his words in strength.”

God be with you and bless you on this journey my fellow sisters in need, in desires, in dreams, in relationships, in marriage, in motherhood, in Christ Jesus! Your purpose on this earth far exceeds your expectations! Be still enough so that you might discover how big Gods’ dream really is for your life, because I guarantee you that yours dreams pale in comparison to His for you!

“He says, ‘Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.’ The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” – psalms 46:10-11

Be still and know, be exalted with me as my bride, hear what I have to say to you, my plan for you is greater than you’ve imagined and it is further reaching than you have dreamed. Listen for my voice daughter, find rest before me. My desire is to bring increase to my people and I plan to do it through you. You are my finest and most dangerous weapon dear daughter, beautiful are you to behold and wondrous are your capabilities. Take the charge dear lioness, find peace with your part in my pride, rest in the protection I have provided you. I am your lion, your strong defender, you have no need of fear when you rest in my presence. Put an end to your wonderings my bride, have you not heard my roar! I have called you to come and rest in my presence, why do you still roam the land in despair and fear. I have invited you to rest in my presence and to enjoy my safety. Your strength is needed and your weakness made strong. I have called you with purpose my daughter, you are to be my bride, there is much to be birthed through you. You do not have to wonder alone anymore, come and I will give you rest! You will find your place and your purpose, heed my roar oh daughter of Zion!